the blue rose who kept her thorns (fire_and_a_rose) wrote in blind_tec,
the blue rose who kept her thorns

MP3 Players Easy to Operate without Sight for Sale

I'm not blind, but my mother is. I spent years researching for an inexpensive MP3 player for her, and finally found her one, which she adores. I also have two myself, though; one brand-new, still in box, and one I have used from time to time.

It's the Creative Zen Stone, which (of course) they no longer make. Each one has 2 GB in size and a 2-3 hour battery life. The Zen Stone also has built-in speakers--very helpful for anyone, but especially small children who do not like wearing earbuds for how they feel--and each charges charges via USB.

Got that?


The brand new one is colored pink and is still in the box it came in; I opened it just to make sure everything was there. It comes with earbuds (not the most comfortable, but workable), a USB-to-MP3 cord, directions, limited hardware warranty for being refurbished, and instructions of where to go online to get program documentation.

The slightly-used black one (the one I've used myelf) comes with itself. I'll charge it before I send it. (Obviously, it costs much less than the new pink one.)  I CAN say that it is in perfect shape; I've just been using it.

I ALSO have a blue Silicone Skin Case to protect the Zen Stone, which an be bought by either person who buys one (or both) of the MP3 players,

If you are interested in any of the above, please email me at: fireandarose at ymail dot com.  (Yes, it's ymail, not gmail.)  We'll work out a reseaonable price, or try to.  Please put in the subject line: Zen Stone MP3s so I know it's not spam.

I know how hard it was for my mother to not have access to music on the go, and how happy it's made her, so I'd rather do this than just list it for anyone on eBay.
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