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Coming out of hibernation to ask a question...

OK... Sorry if I'm out of the said loop on the technology world with the NLS readers and what not... Did I phrase that right? Oh well, hopefully you know what I mean. The only two I've been dealing with for the past forever is the tape player and the new me being able to download books onto flash drive(s). I honestly can say that I hadn't thought of the portable readers until now. Slow I am. And really feeling 'smart'! Guess my brain just works in strange ways...
Anyways, can you guys give me some advice on which ones work for you and why? I kinda would like to know which ones have all the cool specs and what not. All I know is that they all are rather pricey... and are (mostly) daisy. After that I am rather clueless.
Thanks so much for your help!

x-posted sorry if you see this more then once
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