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Need a Tutorial and Some Advice

I want to learn to program strictly for myself and anyone else who'd be willing to try my applications but am not interested in anything graphical or complicated, nor do I wish to deal with Windows and bridging programs together etc. I don't care what the code of other programs is doing. I'm looking for a tutorial for Quickbasic 4.5 and can't seem to find one anywhere! I mean, I know of entire groups devoted to dos and for some reason, i can't find a tutorial for this language on the net. But I did discover that I can run it in XP uring command.com. Can anyone varifythis?

Also, has anyone successfully used the Lynx browser in XP? I tried the compiled version specifically made for it (since I know nothing about compiling on my own) and I can get on the web, enter and go to urls and even fill in usernames and passwords, but it doesn't read all the links properly even on text-only pages. It says "normal link use the arrow keys or return to activate". Do I need to use one of my dos machines to do this or change screenreaders for Windows or what? If I need to configure things, how do I do it? If not, then can anyone recommend another good text-based browser for Windows? Unfortunately, WebbIE doesn't play nicely with my current version of IE (7 I think).
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Most Q base tutorials seem to assume one is using 4.5 - I guess that was the last version?

Here's some links:


Here is Pete's list - this page however is a bit nasty with frames and a million links:


And Q Basic Station: